Executive Committee

Executive Commitee

The Executive Committee is the administrative organ in charge of ensuring the implementation of activities of RALGA.


  1. Chairperson of RALGA
  2. First Deputy Chairperson
  3. Second Deputy Chairperson
  4. Commissioner in charge of decentralization
  5. Commissioner in charge of finance of local Government entities
  6. Commissioner in charge of local economic development
  7. Commissioner in charge of social welfare development


The Executive Committee meets once in three (3) months and whenever deemed necessary. The Executive Committee meeting is convened and chaired by the Chairperson of RALGA. In case of his/her absence, it is convened and chaired by the First Deputy Chairperson and, in the absence of both, by the Second Deputy Chairperson.

The Executive Committee meets when at least 2/3 of its members are present. Where that quorum is not reached, the next meeting shall be held within seven (7) days and validly deliberate if at least 1/3 of its members are present.

The Secretary General is the rapporteur of meetings of the Executive Committee but cannot vote.

The Executive Committee

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