SDGs Localisation in Rwanda II

SDGs Localization in Rwanda Project


In a bid to ensure ownership, integration, efficient and effective implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Rwanda embarked on a process to domesticate and localize them at all levels of the national structure. The SDGs were accordingly integrated into Rwanda’s Vison 2050, the National Strategy for Transformation (NST1), Sectors’ Strategic Plans (SSPs) and the Districts Development Strategies (DDSs).

During the process to localize the SDGs, Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA), within its mandate to build the capacity of, and advocate for its members, contributed in the elaboration of SDGs sensitive District Development Strategies (DDSs). The contribution was through a project supported by the Commonwealth Local Government Forum (CLGF) thanks to funds from the European Union (EU) from 2016 to 2018. The project aimed at sensitizing RALGA members -The City of Kigali and all the district of Rwanda- on the importance of the SDGs and their localization, as well technically assisting 3 pilot districts to develop their DDSs, namely the districts of Bugesera, Gicumbi and Ruhango. In addition, RALGA assisted the beneficiary districts to develop factsheets highlighting SDGs streamlined into the DDSs.

About three years down the road, it appeared to RALGA that these factsheets needed to be updated to accommodate the changes and developments associated with the time lag. In addition, it also appeared that, despite the successful domestication and localization of the SDGs into various planning tools, it was imperative to ensure systematic monitoring of their implementation in addition to continued awareness and documentation at all levels, especially at local level. Hence the initiative to implement the second phase of the “SDGs Localization project in Rwanda” in partnership with CLGF-Caribbean (CLGFC) with funding from the European Union.


To enhance the process of monitoring, evaluating and reporting on the localization of the SDGs achievements in all districts in Rwanda, to strengthen local government’s role as a partner in development.


To strengthen the capacity of local governments to efficiently monitor and evaluate the implementation of SDGs localized in their DDSs, and hence enhance the process to report on the SDGs at national and global levels.


-        To raise awareness and enhance the capacity of districts to report on SDGs implementation

-        To engage institutions in charge of SDGs implementation and reporting at national level on current SDGs reporting practices for harmonization with the reports at district level

-        To ensure the documentation and visibility of the action for sustainability purposes, experience sharing for possible duplication. 

-        To strengthen multi-level collaboration between local government, central government and other non-state actors that work closely with local governments.


The project was scheduled to be implemented from November 2020 up to February 2022, i.e. a period of 16 months.