IDEAL-Inclusive Decisions At Local Level


The project is implemented in partnership with VNG International and financial support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands




The project will be implemented in 8 Countries : Burundi, Mali, Uganda, Somaliland, Palestine, South Sudan and Rwanda.



The project aims at supporting governance structures at the local government level to become more inclusive accountable and more responsive to the needs of citizens.

In Rwandan context

The IDEAL-Rwanda project objective is to strengthen the capacity of local governments in Rwanda to achieve a broad based legitimacy and social cohesion in urbanizing districts.

More specifically, the project aims at increasing the capacity of secondary city districts staff and leaders to :

  1. Plan and manage the urbanization
  2. Accelerate inclusive LED
  3. Develop and implement sound local social welfare strategies and services,
  4. Develop and implement gender sensitive policies and facilitate women access to decision making.

NB : RALGA was selected by VNG International to implement the project as follow up to the previous project called Local Government Capacity Program (LGCP) successfully implemented by RALGA from 2012-2016. In February 2017, a VNGI delegation accompanied by RALGA conducted a visit to all the six secondary city districts to introduce the project. The MoU was signed on 5/5/2017