Media organizations


Pax Press

Pax Press is a network of journalists promoting peace, human rights, and democracy in Rwanda. In operation since 2006, the organization focuses on community based reporting by training journalists, dispatching them to the field and facilitating them to collect, process and publish information through media partners. Pax Press is a network of 64 journalists working with 28 media including 12 radio stations, 10 Newspapers and 6 Websites. Read more here.

Rwanda Media Commission (RMC)

As the media self-regulatory body in Rwanda, RMC is a key partner for RALGA in promoting professional relationship between the media fraternity and Local Governments in Rwanda. Read more about RMC here.

Rwanda Journalists Association (ARJ)

As the biggest association of individual journalists in Rwanda, ARJ plays a key role in promoting professionalism among media practitioners. RALGA considers media professionalism as a key factor for the promotion of democratic values such as good governance,accountability and transparency. Read more about ARJ here.