It was also an opportunity for RALGA staff to learn about the horrific history that destroyed the unity of Rwandans and culminated in the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

The event was held under the theme “Twahisemo kuba umwe ( we chose to stay together).

The guest speaker was Mr Nizeyimana Innocent, a historian and a senior staff at AEGIS TRUST, a philanthropy that manages the genocide memorial of Kigali, and which fights against genocide and other crimes against humanity.

In his talk, Nizeyimana presented the factors of social bonds and unity of Rwandans before the colonial period. He explained how the unity of Rwandans was destroyed and how discriminatory governance which prevailed during the colonial period, the first and second republics planned and orchestrated the 1994 Genocide Against Tutsi.

“The RPF Inkotanyi under the leadership of President Paul Kagame took an existential decision to liberate Rwanda from discriminatory regimes, and today we have a country which we are all happy and proud to call our country”, Nizeyimana said. “The National Unity was all about the RPF agenda, which brought unity, security and prosperity for all Rwandans”, he added.

The session also provided an opportunity for RALGA staff to get informed about existing documentation resources that provide more knowledge related to the Genocide against the Tutsi.

Participants exchanged on what needs to be done to sustain the gains from the liberation struggle and to ensure “never again” is a reality.

They all committed to fighting against genocide ideology by challenging the genocide deniers –particularly on social media and other platforms- and education of the children and youth.

The Secretary General of RALGA concluded the event by urging the staff to preserve the collective memory and to fight against genocide denial.

“Fighting against genocide ideology and genocide denial is not an option; but an existential obligation to everyone”, he said.