Every month is the citizen’s month- mayor Rubingisa Pudence

The citizen’s month was a campaign by Kicukiro District leadership with the objective to enhance citizen outreach, bring services closer to them, resolve their complaints and raise awareness on different public programs.

During the citizen’s month, citizens’ complaints were resolved. Furthermore, Abunzi Committees (mediators) received 44 cases out of which 38 were addressed and closed. The remaining cases shall be diligently handled.

 During the month, 1,705 non-registered children were recorded in civil registration registry. Moreover, 216 couples living in illegal status were legally married.

During the citizen month, a Health Week was also conducted (7-13/03/2022) during which 40,295 persons were screened for non-communicable diseases, 1,063 women joined family planning services and 2,465 persons were tested for HIV/AIDS. Additionally, 27,443 children were screened for malnutrition, and critical cases were immediately admitted to Early Childhood Development centers for treatment.

With regard to education, 586 school dropouts’ children were reinstated including 354 and 232 in primary and secondary schools respectively. 124 school-aged children who had not gone to school were also taken to school.

Regarding Social protection, 30 cows were donated to poor households through Girinka Program in   Niboye, Gikondo, and Nyarugunga sectors.

Sensitization and mobilization of citizens to join the Ejo Heza –Long Term Saving Scheme- program were also conducted. As a result, the contribution of citizens to the scheme increased from 155,453,651 FRW to 178,154,922 FRW, an increase of 22,701,271 FRW in one month.

Kicukiro District officials carried out citizens' mobilization on different programs.

During the month, a Land Week was also organized (14-18/03/2022) during which 1,012 files were received. Out of them, 935 without litigations were processed and completed.

The Mayor of the City of Kigali Rubingisa Pudence commended Kicukiro for this initiative.

“Normally, all the months are for serving citizens. Yet, this special month dedicated to citizens means that the district leadership and staff paid special attention to addressing the needs of citizens, which is a commendable initiative that should be emulated by all the districts in the City of Kigali”, he said.

Lord Mayor Rubingisa Pudence gave certificates of recognition to local leaders in Kicukiro District

citizens cleaning roads as part of their contribution during the citizen's month