The delegation was composed of the Secretary General of RALGA, Mr Ladislas Ngendahimana together with Cllr Innocent Uwimana, the former Chairperson of RALGA and Cllr Akimpaye Christine who is the Vice President of REFELA-UCLG Africa.

The UCLG World Congress is held every three years and is the largest gathering of mayors, leaders of associations, councillors, local and regional practitioners from around the World. This year’s congress is marked under the theme “Local and Regional Governments Breaking through as one”.

This congress involved pertinent subjects such as celebration of the feminist leadership, local government breaking through as one and the pact for the future for people. The Congress is the supreme organ of the UCLG. It defined policies towards the future and elected or appointed members of the Organization’s governing organs, including members of the Presidency.

RALGA delegates participated in different sessions as panellists and shared Rwanda’s experience in different matters related to the discussed themes including climate and culture, localization of SDGs, strengthening health systems and the role of local governments in recovery from the pandemic. They also participated in the elections of the members of the Presidency, in their capacity as members of the World Council of UCLG.

The Secretary General of RALGA also was among speaker at the session: “The Future of Health: Working towards Caring Systems through Universal Health Coverage organized by UHC2030 & UCLG & WHO Healthy Cities Initiatives. He shared the success of Rwanda in achieving universal health coverage. He underscored the synergy of the Government, private sector, civil society organizations and the citizens as key enablers for Rwanda’s universal health coverage, particularly through the Community-Based Health Insurance known as “Mutuelle de Sante”.

The Daejeon UCLG World Congress was also an opportunity for networking, reviving and renewing the partnerships and sharing experience with others. High level engagements were made.  They focused on advocacy for cooperation and collaboration, resources mobilization and renewed partnerships.