March 31, 2023

RALGA and Central Government Institutions gathered with all Directors in charge of Human Resources and Administration in the City of Kigali and all Districts, and devised concerted measures for efficient staff recruitment and management in decentralized administrative entities.

The Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities (RALGA) convened the one-day workshop to bring together all stakeholders in local human resources management, to discuss on ways to effectively and efficiently streamline service delivery and human resources management in local governments.

The workshop was held on 31 March 2023 in Kigali. It was chaired by the Secretary General of RALGA, Mr Ladislas NGENDAHIMANA. Such platforms serve the purpose of capacity building and advocacy, key to RALGA’s mandate. The Association assists both the members and the Government in streamlining sectoral decentralization.

This workshop brought together directors of administration from all Districts and the City of Kigali and representatives of various institutions namely; the Ministry of Local Government, Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Public Service and Labor and the National Public Service Commission.

During the workshop, participants discussed various subjects pertaining to improvement of local government staff recruitment and management as well as efficiency in the recruitment and management processes.

The participants discussed the implementation of instructions and procedures of recruitment and management of health sector staff in decentralized health facilities under the management of City of Kigali or Districts. According to the new guidelines that were developed in collaboration with RALGA, health professionals above A2 qualification shall be appointed by the Ministry of Health whereas other support staff shall be appointed by the Mayor upon competitive process.  

The workshop also provided an opportunity for participants to discuss the challenges related to compliance with labor law and other legal instruments governing public employees and online examination. The discussions clarified roles and responsibilities of each institution involved in recruitment and management of staff operating under decentralized entities.

RALGA organized the workshop to facilitate information and knowledge sharing among stakeholders as well as assessing existing challenges and needs to devise appropriate measures to address them. 

“This workshop was important for various reasons: First, we have long-serving officials in the area of administration and human resource management in decentralized entities and new comers with less experience. It is therefore an opportunity to enable peer learning among participants. Secondly, there have been several changes in procedures and systems used in recruitment of Local government employees, and this requires information sharing to have common understanding,” explained NGENDAHIMANA Ladislas, the Secretary General of RALGA.

The Secretary General also urged participants, especially those in charge with administration and human resource management to lead by example.

“As directors of administration, you are in charge of promoting and ensuring professionalism, positive values and discipline among employees. Therefore, you should reflect those values you are obliged to promote so as to be role models for the staff you manage,” he added.

As outcome of the workshop, participants agreed to regularly organize such workshops to allow information and knowledge sharing and to proactively address challenges emerging in the recruitment and management of employees of decentralized entities.