Labor DAY

RALGA celebrates Labor Day 2024; urged more Youth engagement and professionalism

Leaders and employees of the Rwanda Association of Local Government Authorities(RALGA) gathered on 1st May to celebrate Labour Day. It was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and progress made this year, while committing to more professionalism.

The event took place at La Palisse Hotel Gashora in Bugesera District on May 1, 2024 on the International Labour Day. The management of RALGA said that this annual day was an opportunity to celebrate the achievements and exchange ideas on what can be done to keep RALGA more relevant and professional to better serve the members and position itself in the current arena.

This event was characterized by socializing, sharing and celebrating the achievements. There was also an exchange of ideas and experience on how to improve the work and service delivery to keep RALGA relevant.

Ladislas NGENDAHIMANA, the Secretary General (SG) of RALGA, said that the staff professionalism depends on the capacity to deliver and discipline to respect values, particularly patriotism, timeliness and continuous learning.

Secretary General

"Every time when we meet at an event like this, we should examine ourselves as employees and see if there is any knowledge gained in the past year that can help RALGA to be more efficient, and to position our country," he said.

 "Yes, we came here to celebrate, but we also look at the results of working together; what one did and what the other did…. what we have together achieved as a team so that we could achieve the goals we had set or exceeded," he added.

Mr Ladislas NGENDAHIMANA also called for more youth engagement, empowerment and mentorship, while promoting youth-led employment.

RALGA staff contributed ideas on what could be improved and committed to deliver as a team. They insisted on capacity building and continuous training as key to professionalism.